ParsnipsParsnips are one of my favorite vegetables and I always like to grow some in my garden. They were popular with the Romans and Greeks  and when the pilgrims started coming to America some of the first ones brought over parsnip seeds and they have been growing here ever since. When planting them it is good to get the seeds in the ground as soon as possible in the growing season for they take a long time to grow.   Sometimes I even pick them the following spring when the ground first starts to thaw up.   They can still be good for a short while, but if you wait too long the following spring they start to get too hard to chew on.  Parsnips are really very similar to carrots and Parsley root, but they each have a  unique taste of their own.

From tests done parsnips are very nutritious and contain high levels of many minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium,  magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.  They also contain lots of vitamins  including  Vitamins C, E, K B6, pathogenic acid, folate and thiamin. Protein , fiber , and water also are in parsnips in good amounts

The health benefits of parsnips are considerable.  One great benefit of having parsnips in one’s diet is they are good for one’s heart.   The high level of potassium reduces the blood pressure and the pressure on the heart. The high level of. folate reduces homocysteine levels in the blood which greatly helps protect the heart in many ways and the fiber helps  reduce cholesterol. levels.  This white soluble fiber found in vegetables including parsnips that are white , or close to white, in color is supposed to be excellent for keeping cholesterol down, reducing obesity, helping digestion, lowering blood glucose levels,  and  more.

From research that has been done it shows that the nutrition in parsnips, including ascorbic acid,  can be great for preventing age related  macular degeneration that has been known to cause blurred vision in older people.  Parsnips also have antioxidants great for protecting the eyes against damage from the sun. It can basically be very helpful for ones eye strength and vision.

Parsnips are packed with antioxidants , organic compounds , and vitamins that are great for keeping the body’s immune system strong and good at keeping out foreign invaders and toxic by-products.  Vitamins C and E are great for  being antioxidants in the body and preventing or eliminating  any harmful radicals from the body.

Since they are rich in folate(Vitamin B9 or folic acid) they are also very helpful at preventing many types of possible  birth defects in a baby and at preventing postpartum depression for mothers.

The rich fiber found in parsnips is great for preventing weight loss. It helps the body prevent the release of the hunger hormone, also known as the ghrelin.  this  greatly helps at preventing the desire for snacking between meals. The soluble dietary fiber greatly helps the digestive process keeping the foods moving through the digestive system smoothly and getting the most nutrition possible out of it. It greatly helps prevent  things like constipation from happening.

The manganese, calcium and zinc help improve bone health strengthening the bones by producing cartilage with glycosyltransferases  as well as preventing  things in ones skeleton from happening like osteoporosis.   Parsnips can also be a bit helpful in the  prevention of arthritis due to its alkaline anti0-inflammatory properties.

Parsnips can be very good at boosting one’s brain health as well , due to the large amount of potassium and folate it contains, that easily fight depression, anxiety and other mental issues.  One’s attention and alertness can also be increased by eating parsnips.

Due to the large amount of vitamin C it contains parsnips can be very helpful at anti-aging properties. One’s skin can stay without wrinkles and with more skin elasticity

These are a few of the many reasons that I like to grow parsnips in my garden and include them in my diet, and why they’ve been a popular vegetable for many centuries.

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