Golden Beets

Golden Beets

Golden Beets

Golden beets are my favorite but they’re pretty similar to red beets.    They aren’t quite as common as the red beets in the market and can be a little harder to find.   Sometimes  they are called orange beets for they look very similar in color to carrots.  But they have more vitamin C than red beets and are a bit richer in other  nutrients too including Vitamin A, potassium , flavonoid and lycopene.

Beets are super low in calories and  excellent sources of fiber  which makes them great to eat for those who want to lose weight.  Being rich in fiber also makes them super good for the digestive system preventing constipation and ending or preventing diarrhea..   With their high level of vitamin C they are great at keeping healthy cells and  keeping a strong immune system.

  Beets are especially great for the heart  due to the amount of potassium  that  they contain. Especially Golden Beets,   The high level of potassium helps  prevent getting too much sodium  that can be hard on the heart.   

With beets being rich in Vitamin C , folate, magnesium , manganese and copper as well as their being alkaline  foods, are all good reasons why they help create strong and healthy bones.   By being alkaline  they are great at increasing the amount of oxygen in one’s body and in their blood which, in turn, is great at fighting or preventing cancer, since cancer cells thrive where the oxygen level is low or non-existent, but cannot survive or form where there is lots of oxygen

Beets can be great for boosting stamina and overcoming fatigue.       They help strengthen the brain and prevent Alzheimers and  Dementia.  Also by improving the blood flow they can help in ones sex life.   For men it helps increase the size and strength of erections and for women it improves their sensitivity and pleasure.

The amount of vitamin B6 in beets is also quite significant. They are  an excellent source of this vitamin.  And by  having lots of vitamins , antioxidants and iron, they can be a great food to have in one’s diet to prevent aging.

Growing them in the garden they are  very hardy and they can  usually be planted about 30 days before the  last  expected frost, or 55 days before the last frost if started indoors. In the garden it is good to know which plants grow well together and which don’t get a long.   Now golden beets will grow well near almost anything, but they do super well when planted  near members of the cabbage family.  Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and kale also do very well when planted with beets

Golden Beets

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