One of the first thing I planted around my house when I moved here was cherry bushes.  They’ve had some very nice cherries every year.    The most recent one  I planted was the CHERRY DWARF CARMINE JEWEL. I also have planted a few HANSEN BUSH CHERRIES. The Cherries every year  are wonderful.   First they have beautiful flowers every spring, nice cherries in the summer then the leaves turn beautiful colors in the fall


While these cherry trees are self pollinating  it sometimes helps production if you plant more of them than just one.  The Hansen cherry bushes love to have other Hansen cherry bushes nearby and can help each other pollinate more, but they don’t cross pollinate too well with other cherry bushes    The Carmine Jeweel Cherry  Bushes are very strong self pollinators and  don’t really need anything else, but they do like having buddies.

Not only are cherry bushes  beautiful  for landscape and produce  wonderful tasting cherries, but additionally the nutrition and benefits  in those cherries  are  excellent for ones health in many ways.  The fiber, minerals and vitamins found in all types of cherries are immense.  In 154 grams of pitted cherries, which is about one cup, these are the  nutrients found:

The most valuable of these is the vitamin C which strongly helps  keep our immune system in good shape and prevent illness, and keeps the skin healthy, as well as the potassium which is great help for one’s muscles, nerves , blood pressure regulation and more, and for the fiber which is a great help for one’s digestive system and keeping the foods moving smoothly as they  go through our body and help our bowels exit with no problems.

Getting more sleep easier and having better quality sleep is also something that  eating cherries or drinking tart cherry juice can be very helpful at accomplishing. Cherries have melatonin that greatly helps regulate one’s sleep/wake cycle. Many tests done have shown that drinking 1 cup of tart cherry juice before going to bed can help one sleep about 84 minutes longer and  sleep sounder , better quality sleep.

Cherries can also be very helpful for the heart due to the several heart helping nutrients they contain  Potassium is one of them. One serving of cherries is 10% of the potassium  one needs to acquire daily  to promote  a healthy heart. What’s more, cherries are rich in powerful polyphenol antioxidants, including anthocyanins, flavonols, and catechins, which  can also be very  helpful at keeping  your heart healthy by protecting against cellular damage and reducing inflammation. Tests done on thousands and thousands of people  have shown that higher intakes of polyphenols showed a significantly decreased risk of heart disease.

Since cherries are alkaline they are great at reducing inflammation  and attacks from things like arthritis and gout that can be easily aroused by acidic foods.  Tests done have shown that those who ate cherries  had far fewer attacks by at least  35%.    Eating a diet rich in alkaline foods can be very beneficial  by keeping the oxygen level higher in one’s body and blood which prevents viruses from acting up and prevents and cures most illnesses including cancer.  My grandma got cured 100% of pancreatic cancer in stage four when her doctors told her their treatments had failed and she’d be dead in six months or less, when she simply started eating a diet that was mainly alkaline foods known as the macrobiotic diet.   Dr Otto Warburg’s studies  almost  a century ago proved that almost any disease can be cured with a diet like that. His discoveries and success brought him the nobel prize in 1931.


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