Cherries One of the first thing I planted around my house when I moved here was cherry bushes.  They’ve had some very nice cherries every year.    The most recent one  I planted was the CHERRY DWARF CARMINE JEWEL. I also have planted a few HANSEN BUSH CHERRIES. The Cherries every year  are wonderful.   First …

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Asian Pear Trees

Asian Pear Trees Pyrus pyrifolia, or Asian pears, are a large group of pears that have a crisp texture when fully ripened, unlike European pears that must be softened prior to eating.  The Asian pear trees include the Chojuro , Hosui, Olympic Giant, Shinko,  Large Korean, and several others and they are referred to frequently …

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Rose of Mallow

The Rose of Mallow, sometimes called the Tree Mallow, the Swamp Mallow, Marsh Mallow or Marsh Hibiscus,  is a wonderful plant to grow that has flowers that last for many weeks , and  that will be the highlight of the garden while it is blooming . The flowers usually blossom in shades of pink and …

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Chestnut Trees

Here in America the chestnut trees were around for 40 million years and it was a great form of food for billions of wildlife, people and livestock.   But around the beginning of  the 20th century a blight fungus started wiping out the close to 4 billion trees in the eastern half of the USA. …

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