Month: January 2020


  Celery may take a little more work to grow in the garden, but is  one of the healthiest plants to have in one’s diet and wonderful to have growing  in your back yard.   It does take a long time to grow, usually about 110 days, so it is good to start it indoors and …

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Chestnut Trees

Here in America the chestnut trees were around for 40 million years and it was a great form of food for billions of wildlife, people and livestock.   But around the beginning of  the 20th century a blight fungus started wiping out the close to 4 billion trees in the eastern half of the USA. …

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For those with a green thumb, who love gardening. mushroom kits are worth pursuing, and for everyone it is certainly worth including mushrooms in one’s diet. For the health benefits of them are truly amazing.  For one to go searching for wild ones in the forest, one should be very careful that they know what they’re …

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LOTUS  The Lotus plant is really an amazing plant, It grows mostly in warm tropical climates and is. native to southern China and India.  I saw it often  in relation to  yoga and meditation classes I used to take and in macrobiotic cookbooks I often saw the lotus root mentioned.  I used to find it …

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